Wednesday May 18 2016
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Talkin' With... Robert Morris Basketball Coach Andy Toole

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KidSPORTS talks with Robert Morris University basketball coach Andy Toole

KidSPORTS: What can players learn from a difficult loss?
Coach Toole:
You need to learn that it's worth it to work as hard as we work, and to buy in to what the coaches are telling them to do. Eventually, all the hard work will pay off and you'll have a chance to go realize your dreams.

KidSPORTS: Can going through tough situations help down the road?
Coach Toole:
You hope it helps a lot. You hope that times when you're uncomfortable and face adversity and been in situations—whether it's crowd noise, officiating, tough bounces, whatever it may be—so that when you get in those situations and its of the utmost importance, it's not abnormal, it's normal.

KidSPORTS: Do you think about the future or focus more on the present?
Coach Toole:
I don't think about the future much at all. I think about how to make our team the best that it can be every day – are we maximizing our time on the floor, time in the video room, time in the weight room, to make sure that our players can be successful. That's my most important thing. If you're not worried about doing the job you currently have for as long as someone will let you do it, then you're not going to be very successful at it.