Friday June 30 2017
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KidSports – A Parents Guide for Young Athletes

KidSports Magazine November 2008KidSports Magazine is a guide for parents of young athletes. We offer parents useful tips on such topics as nutrition, sports equipment, training, saving money, medical advice, rules, sports and school, sports education, scholarships and just about any other issue you can think of for parents of younger kids involved in sports.

KidSports maintains an advisory board consisting of orthopedic surgeons and physicians, physical therapists, sports psychologists, coaches, officials, parents and other experts. We also talk to the kids themselves. We get the information straight from the experts and pass it on to you, the parents.

KidSports also offers in-depth stories on such pressing issues as:
  • What to look for in a coach.
  • Fund raising.
  • Responsibilities of sports parents.
  • What to do when your child wants to quit sports.
  • Overbearing parents.
  • Group sports vs. individual sports.
  • Emphasis on winning.
  • When your child gets cut from the team.
  • What sport is right for my child?
  • All-Star Teams.
  • Sibling rivalries.
  • Maintaining good grades.
  • How to handle disappointment.
…and MANY other important topics not covered in your league's rulebook!!
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