Sunday April 9 2017
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Soccer: Camp Season

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Soccer camp can be a fun and exciting time for players that choose to participate, but the brutal summer heat can make it dangerous.

If your child is going to attend, there is some important information that both parents and children should know before going. Armed with the correct information, soccer camp is a worthwhile and safe experience. But without it, it could a less-than-pleasing time.

Here are some tips:

  • Hydrate prior to activity with sports drinks and water.
  • During activity, drink water constantly to replenish what you are losing even if you are not thirsty. However, avoid drinking too much as this could lead to cramping.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, such as lose fitting cool fabric. Bring a change of clothes if it is a day camp.
  • Make sure your cleats are not new. Break in your cleats before attending camp.
  • Bring a regular pair of shoes as well as cleats.
  • Get into the shade as much as possible, whenever it is possible.
  • Enjoy the experience.

If these tips are followed, soccer camp will be enjoyable to both parents and children and the summer heat will provide less of a health risk.
Special thanks to Paul Halford, Director of Coaching and Player Development, PA West.