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E-Sports Specialist Bets

More recently we have seen a variety of really interesting eSports specific betting options that can make watching a match an even more exciting show and can lead to faster returns on your bets.

An example of this are first blood bets and first 10 kill bets. It’s like betting on the first or Last Goalscorer of a football game. First-blood refers to the team that gets the first kill and the first to 10 kills is pretty explicit.

We also have a winning card from paris. As we know from our game guides, most e-sports games are played on a number of laps. The best of 3, 5 and 7 are common.

If you bet on a winning team from Map 1, then you bet on the team to win the first round for example. So you mean you want a team to make a first start in the game. You can bet who wins the card 2, 3, etc. too.

You can also bet on the total number of Cards a team wins or for a team to win at least one card.

All these e-sports bets really add to the excitement of a game, and are fantastic options for you if that’s your goal. The disadvantage of these bets is for the player who takes making profit very seriously, as these are a little more difficult to call than usual.

However, if for example, you see a team consistently gets from slow starts and loses the first round, then a first blood bet or CARD 1 winning bet might be a great way to get quick returns.

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