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The world’s greates esport teams

In the world of competitive gaming, the best eSports teams are putting together their best list to compete at the highest level of professional video games. Each year, smaller teams and new players challenge the larger organizations for first prize. While current rankings are calculated based on winnings and points, …

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The importance of Nutrition for eSport athletes

Like any other type of athlete, what you put into your body has a major impact on your overall performance. To make the most of your gameplay, I will discuss the importance of nutrition for eSport athletes. Good nutrition has been shown to improve mental and physical performance – both …

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Nutrition for High Performance Games

Nutrition is becoming more prevalent in esports—and for good reason—with professional teams employing nutritionists to help improve the performance and the health of their players. Nutrition is an excellent tool to maximize the success of eSport and improve the longevity of a player’s playing career. There has been no direct …

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