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Staying Sharp in the Summer

It is no secret that kids are seldom at their strongest academically during the summer. Even top students can lose ground from the end of one school year to the beginning of the next. Struggling students, meanwhile, can find themselves months behind once the new school year starts. This is …

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En Garde!

Fencing gains popularity as a sport In this day and age of X-box and i-pads, parents are struggling to get their children out and active. One possible, yet somewhat unknown, alternative to technology is fencing. To the uniformed eye, fencing may just look like sword fighting, which may indeed catch …

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Summer Camps

Summer camps are a popular part of the summer season for many kids, and even a tradition in many families. The cost of sending your son or daughter away for a week or more, or however, can be daunting. With gas prices, groceries and just about everything else making it …

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