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Backyard Pool Safety

Backyard pools can provide endless hours of fun and refreshment on hot summer days. Unfortunately, the potential for danger goes along with the fun, and it is up to parents to keep that potential undeveloped. The sale of single residence pools is on the rise, as more than six million …

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Knee Savers Helping Catchers

Thanks to relatively new technology, the most physically demanding position on the diamond—catcher—has gotten easier. A product called knee savers, which attaches to your shin guards, is a stress-relieving accessory that reduces the erosion of cartilage on the knee joints and provides support, protection and comfort. University of Pittsburgh catcher …

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Summer Camps

Summer camps are a popular part of the summer season for many kids, and even a tradition in many families. The cost of sending your son or daughter away for a week or more, or however, can be daunting. With gas prices, groceries and just about everything else making it …

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