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KidSports | A Parents Guide for Young Athletes - Part 10

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AAU implements measures to ensure safety of youth athletes

In the wake of the child sexual abuse scandals at Penn State and Horace Mann School, the national Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) has announced comprehensive measures designed to protect the well-being of hundreds of thousands of young athletes. The steps include requiring that all adults involved in AAU activities—from volunteer …

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Pre-Game Meals

Kids Sports Magazine

When to eat, what to eat and what to avoid before the big game Kids may not seem to care about their pregame diet, but you can bet they care about how they feel and perform on the playing field – and when, what and how they eat before exercising …

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Eating Right — Fresh Summer Foods

Keep your young athlete healthy over the summer with these nutrition tips. Cookouts galore and a busy sports schedule may be keeping your family on the run this summer. Fortunately, an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables should make healthy eating on the go a breeze. Easy breakfast Berries and …

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