Let's Define eSports

Electronic Sports are competition video games over the Internet and, to a lesser extent, on local networks. In lower-level competitions, anyone with an internet connection and a computer or console can participate. In the most professionalized compete the best players in the world of each game available, in events attended by thousands of people, purchase a ticket through.

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Tips to bet on eSports

The history of esports betting is probably as old as the first esports tournament, which dates back to 1972 when Stanford students competed on Spacewar. At the time, such competitions were not watched offline by thousands somewhere in a large arena and certainly were not broadcast live on Twitch and …

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Highest Team Gains

1. Team Liquid                  $ 25,451,599.21     1487 tournaments 2. The Evil Geniuses        $ 21,240,776.71      749 tournaments 3. OG team                        $ 17,679,841.70        56 tournaments 4. Newbee                         $ 12,987,011.28       143 tournaments 5. Fnatic                            $ 12,662,150.78      810 tournaments 6. Virtus                            $ 12,346,751.44      …

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