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KidSports | A Parents Guide for Young Athletes - Part 4

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Staying Mentally Fit

Practice makes perfect, right? That’s what parents and coaches say and that’s good advice – but it extends beyond the physical aspect of sports. Oftentimes it can be just as important to be mentally ready for a sport or activity as it is to be physically ready. Here are a …

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Flag Football: A Safe Alternative

There are more than one million kids participating in high school football nationwide. At some point in their young careers they were taught the complexities of the game – rules, positions, verbiage, etc. Obviously, that is an important part of a players’ development. But there are plenty of youngsters who …

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What to eat on a hot day

As the weather gets warmer, your kids will likely find themselves outdoors in the heat for long periods of time. One of the most important aspects to prepare your child for a day out in the heat is their diet. What to eat before a practice or competition: The general …

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