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KidSports | A Parents Guide for Young Athletes - Part 5

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Choosing A Hockey Program

When looking for a skating/hockey program for your child, there are some important things to consider regarding what they’ll be learning. While actually playing hockey is the ultimate goal, the best way to start is NOT to send kids out on the ice with equipment, hockey sticks, pucks and nets …

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Heart vs. Skill: How maximum effort yields maximum results

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” – NBA player Kevin Durant Andrew Cambruzzi has a pretty good idea of what it takes to get noticed as a young athlete. Cambruzzi is the athletic director at Crestdale Middle School in Matthews, North Carolina. He is also the …

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Preventing Dehydration

Every day, under normal conditions, we all lose some body water through sweat, tears, urine, stools, and vapor from our breath. These fluids, and the salts that they contain, are usually replaced by the foods and fluids in our diets. Sometimes, however, children may lose abnormally large amounts of water …

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