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Proper Heading Techniques

Young children need to learn to use their head properly to play soccer – as in correctly heading the soccer ball. “Heading” is a term used when a player strikes a ball in the air with his or her forehead, in order to pass or shoot the ball on goal.  …

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Team Sports vs. Individual Sports

Two sports drive the calendar for young Michaela Staats of Upper St. Clair. She plays either basketball or soccer. She’s a team player as an aggressive point guard in basketball and a hustling forward in soccer. Competitive and talented, she has opted for team-oriented sports as opposed to more individual …

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Most athletes, adults and children alike, do not drink enough fluids to replace those lost by the body during exercise. In fact, by the time most active children become thirsty, they have already lost important fluids, along with sodium and potassium, and may already be dehydrated. The best way to …

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